Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sudden Penang Trip: Day 1

Went for a sudden trip to Penang few months ago with my girls! A very short,tiring but fun and enjoyable trip.

The main purpose is to visit the Miao that came back from China, and her little ones.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank Boon and his friend for bringing us around, and helping us on the hotel booking! Too bad we did not take any photo but i will be back ! Trust me!

Beside, would like to thank my aunt and uncle that willing to skip her sleeping time,bringing us around for food haunting !!

Yes!! You are right, this whole trip is all about food, food and food !!Penang Island, Famous with great food! How can we miss it!

We left KL in a hot Saturday afternoon, took us nearly 5 hours to reach Nibong Tebal, where the Miao are staying.

It was close to dinner time when we reach there. Had a quick dinner with the Miao family and went to her house for some catching up.

Little Princess is about to cry !!
Enjoying her milk while watching TV!!

 We left Nibong Tebal around 8pm, and rush to Penang Island to meet up Boon. Boon already get our room well prepare when we reach our hotel, and he was ready to bring us out for food haunting.

Ice Kacang, Chao Keow Tew (Famous Fried noodle), rojak (Mix fruits with special gravy), o zen (Fried egg with fresh baby oyster), etc...

Fried Sago Noodle, a Penang specialty.

O Zen(Fried egg with fresh baby oyster)!! Look at the oyster!!

Rojak(Mix fruits with special gravy)! I brought home one for Dad, and he loves it!!

ABC (Shredded ice with different topping:Ice cream,sweet corn, syrup, etc)

Get back to hotel around 12am, my aunt and uncle stop by our hotel to bring us out for second round.

Till here!

Super tired and off to bed now!!

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