Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our conversation Pattern!

Let me show you how the conversation goes everyday within me and him. It goes with few pattern, and obviously i knew the next answer i am going to get from him.

Pattern No.1

Him : Sup

Me : I am good. How are you?

Him : Fine.

Me : Where are you?

Him : Home.

Me : What are you doing then?

Him : Nothing ( Please give a more specific answer, no one is doing nothing at any moment, even you are laying on bed day dreaming, is an ACTION too !!! )

Pattern No.2

Me : How are you ?

Him : Good.

Me : Where are you?

Him : Home. U ?

Me : Home too. Just get back from work and is tired now.

Him : Okay lah (OMG, i was wonder beside these words, he really got nothing else to said? )

Pattern No.3 (Below are conversation thru phone)

Me : Why xxxxxx ? (Please imagine i am asking question, either in a dulan voice, or super steady voice.)

Him : I got no answer.

Me : What do you mean by no answer? There must be something in your mind, tell me what is that, and let get things settle.

Him : I am not going to answer you anything.

Me : Why?

Him : No answer. Go and Sleep.

Me : .................... (Totally speechless).

Pattern No.4 (Also conversation thru phone.)

Him : Sorry, i did not bring my phone out. / Sorry, i was not near the phone just now when you call me.

Me : Where are you just now?

Him : Outside ( Oh, please, of cause i know you are outside, where the hell are you that is my question).

Me : Outside where?

Him : I told you i was outside just now.

Me : Outside at where then? Sunway? Summit? KL?

Him : Damansara Damai (Why this answer pop out here is because this is the latest conversation we spoke thru phone lately with this pattern, and that's the answer i got).

Me : Oh, but what are you doing there? Nothing much to do there right (Hell yeah, i have been there before, please dont tell me you went there for Opera or Ballet show).

Him : OMG, i have told you i went to Damansara Damai, why are you still asking me what i do there?

Me : I just want to know.

Him : Wern, go and sleep.

Me : No, i want to know the answer of my question. Since you are not doing anything why cant tell?

Him : Go and sleep.

Me : .......................... ( Hell yeah, i am in an exploding mood and you are asking me to go sleep, what make you think that i can sleep well after these interesting conversation)?

To be Continue.............

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