Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's 2am now but i am still quite awake, ever since i started to work since last month, 2am is the best time for me to rest myself. Unfortunately, it has been almost one week, i cant get myself into a very good night sleep.

There was a lot of thinking going on in my mind, and of cause most of them are regarding uncle. I understand clearly on the rules of this game between us, and i did accept that, but it is still very painful to hear it from you.

Had some conversation with you thru the phone yesterday, and Yes, i am proud of you for telling me the truth, but i am more proud of myself because i am brave enough to accept the way we are now. Recently i was trying hard not to get so close to you, because i started to found myself too depending on you, especially emotionally.

I was having a really great time last weekend. We did a lot of talking and you will never know how happy am i when you hug me tightly in you arms. Last two week you are complaining to me that i do not have time for you, you raised your voice in the phone and you said i was trying to run away from you. I sound frustrated but you will never know how happy am i when i heard those complaint.

A lot of tears dropping from my eyes recently, and a lot of frustration going on in my mind, but every time i called you, i was trying hard to cool down myself and talk to you in my most pleasant tone, so that you wont get angry because of my mood. I do care about your feelings more than you and i can imagine, and i think i do love you more than everyone can imagine..