Monday, December 14, 2009

True Love?

Went to a singing session just now with my cousins, while on the way sending him back to his house. My innocent 17 years old cousin brother asked me a question, " why it is so difficult for me to get true love? ". I told him, true love still will appear at your age, but at my age, it is getting lesser and lesser. Then he asked again, why. I cannot answer him. I was wondering, will true love still appear when we grow older? What do you think?

Friday night, i talked to Bobby, he asked, why you want to be with your ex? I said i dont know, then he said, there is sure something on him that attract you to be with him right? I kept quiet. Not because i am sad, and not because i do not want to talk about it, the truth is i cant answer this question. Then i recall back on my first relationship, why i want to be with that shit, and yet there is still no answer in my mind.

Maybe i am making myself to available, Maybe...


  1. Think +ively. :)
    Even myself got bf oso i do not know whether he's my Mr Right or not.
    Time will prove. :)
    When love is not around, don't hope to get it rush.
    When love is just around, grab and treat it as desserts of life....

    PS: normally desserts sweet d mahh..right?!

  2. What is love actually ?? i think i am going to be a monk soon as i really dont understand why human being need to be suffer so much from so many things..