Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Employees and Employers relationship

Talk to my principle today regarding employees and employers relationship. My principle holds a believe that, anything that employees are not happy with, they should tell. But i holds a believe that, anything happen just move on by telling it out to friends or colleague.

Maybe she really did not mean to pinpoint any teacher, anyhow, i still can feel that she was referring to me. She said, anything, please do not talk among teachers, just let she know straight away. What will change if i told her everything? Can i go tell her straight away that i want to have another week off because it is unfair? Can i go tell her that i need some personal moment during my lunch break ? Or can i go tell her that i want my 1 hour lunch break and not 10-15 minutes rushing lunch break? NO!!!

Please do not tell me again that employees can just voice out what ever they want, and also stop telling me that she also did the same way by telling things to her manager to make herself feel better. For me, it is just non-sense..


  1. keke....Boss is like that d la...
    I told u oso before about the manager right??

    " can tell anything that you want to , you can even tell me what are you not satisfied. I know you hate me!"

    "Well...I'm not hate you, I'm just HOPE you to clarify the things before judge me"

    "Okok...Let's dont talk about that" *wtf u want?!

    As conclusion, he wrote me lower than 5/10 in my appraisal.


  2. haha..
    what a "good" manager...

    the main thing i get upset was she was talking to me like i am the one who make alot of noise..

    the fact is, most of the teachers are not happy with the duty chart she organize..