Wednesday, November 25, 2009

so long black black...

Ended up my second relationship yesterday morning. Same situation like last time, third party came in and he chosen to be with her.

I am sad, but not as sad as last time. Friends are still there with me, which i really appreciate a lot. Thanks for being with me when i needed someone.

I am sad because he chosen her, but anyhow, if he did not choose her, yet i still will leave him. But i think what hurt me the most was the moment when i know that he is heading to her place to pamper her, but not me. From that moment onwards i already knew, i knew who is his choice.

I did asked him this question last night “why not me?” He answered “because i dont think you treat this relationship seriously. Every time i wanted to see your parents you reject, every time i suggest to rent a room outside and stay together, you reject. And i also asked you before, what if i get marry, will you still be with me, the answer i get from you is NO. So now i decided to marry this girl, then you can leave me now.”

Teng said that is just a reason for him to leave you, he do not wanted to admit that he hurt you, and he is such a bastard. Yes, He really is a bastard, a bastard that treat me really really nice while we started our relationship, a bastard that allow me to release all my tension on him while i am feeling depress. And now he is a bastard that marry another girl.

I will never forget this bastard, although i knew that he will never contact me, but yet i still will always keep this in my heart. And i owe him a thank you, thank you for teaching me new lesson in this relationship and thank you for being with me for the pass two year, and THANK YOU FOR CHEATING ME..So long BLACK BLACK…

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