Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4th note...

I am trying to stay away from him since the argument on Monday night. Although he did sent me messages and call me sereval times. But i just cant stop thinking words he told me that day on the phone. It was kinda hurtful, although i knew he didnt said it on purpose.

The argument was about money again. He rented a car, which costs him RM 900 per month. The main purpose he wanted to rent a car is, he uncle is coming from UK to stay at his place for two weeks, and he wanted to take his uncle to walk around Malaysia. What a stupid idea !! i dont think he can support that much. Or maybe he really did have the money, but why wasted it !!! Buying LCD, renting car, getting a new mattress. All these things are just for showing off ( in my opinion).

Alright, maybe i shouldnt have asking him so much, afterall i am just no one to him.

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