Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sudden Penang Trip Day 2

**Warning** Picture blogs today !!

Basically this whole trip is about food !!

The main purpose of visiting friend have been eventually REPLACED by Eating !!

Even after meeting up with Boon and his friend.

Aunt and uncle drop by the hotel to bring us out for food again.

We finish up our "feast" at 2am, and continue the next day morning around 11am.

Aunt drop by our hotel to pick us up for brunch and this time she will bring us to the most delicious loh mee (a hawker noodle soup of a gooey broth made from tapioca flour and egg)in Penang, according to her..LOlx

A random picture of the girls !!
Penang Road !! Bright afternoon with big sun..
The girl waiting for food again!!
Loh Mee (Noodle in special braise soup)..
Roaster duck and pork *Yummy*
We "clean" the dishes !!
She is happy and satisfy!!
According to aunt, this is the most delicous Loh Mee in Penang..
US!! Happy face after the food !!

After the satisfy brunch, we headed our way to the famous Penang local delight, Ghee Hiang biscuit store.

Ghee Hiang is a heritage over 155 years, and yet it is still famous until now.
Beside the Tau Sar Pneah (green beans/mung beans biscuit), Hneoh Pneah (A flaky wheat pastry containing a sweet filling made from the finest brown sugar, and baked till a perfect light brown colour), Ghee Hiang is also famous with its sesame oil, i could said that is the BEST sesame oil i have ever taste so far!

The icon of Ghee Hiang.
Gift set display in Ghee Hiang's store.
Old time bicycle! A deco found in the Ghee Hiang's store.

After the visiting to Ghee Hiang store. We had plans to meet up Boon and his friend again for another round of food tasting. This time he will bring us to the best Penang Asam Laksa.Asam laksa is a sour, fish-based soup served with either thick rice noodles or thin rice noodles,and topped off with sweet prawn/shrimp paste.

Sharing the girls for another bowl of ice kacang is a gift under a hot sun!!
Asam laksa!! yum yum!

After Asam Laksa, we spend some times sitting in the store and had some chit chatting, and also to let our stomach to have some rest before we continue with our next destination.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sudden Penang Trip: Day 1

Went for a sudden trip to Penang few months ago with my girls! A very short,tiring but fun and enjoyable trip.

The main purpose is to visit the Miao that came back from China, and her little ones.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank Boon and his friend for bringing us around, and helping us on the hotel booking! Too bad we did not take any photo but i will be back ! Trust me!

Beside, would like to thank my aunt and uncle that willing to skip her sleeping time,bringing us around for food haunting !!

Yes!! You are right, this whole trip is all about food, food and food !!Penang Island, Famous with great food! How can we miss it!

We left KL in a hot Saturday afternoon, took us nearly 5 hours to reach Nibong Tebal, where the Miao are staying.

It was close to dinner time when we reach there. Had a quick dinner with the Miao family and went to her house for some catching up.

Little Princess is about to cry !!
Enjoying her milk while watching TV!!

 We left Nibong Tebal around 8pm, and rush to Penang Island to meet up Boon. Boon already get our room well prepare when we reach our hotel, and he was ready to bring us out for food haunting.

Ice Kacang, Chao Keow Tew (Famous Fried noodle), rojak (Mix fruits with special gravy), o zen (Fried egg with fresh baby oyster), etc...

Fried Sago Noodle, a Penang specialty.

O Zen(Fried egg with fresh baby oyster)!! Look at the oyster!!

Rojak(Mix fruits with special gravy)! I brought home one for Dad, and he loves it!!

ABC (Shredded ice with different topping:Ice cream,sweet corn, syrup, etc)

Get back to hotel around 12am, my aunt and uncle stop by our hotel to bring us out for second round.

Till here!

Super tired and off to bed now!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

X2 Hair Studio

I am a very loyal person, or maybe in another words, i am having lazy brain to think what to change next.

I could be taking the same food over and over for more than a week without complaining, because that is the easiest way to get full when you are hungry.

Of cause, i am not the person that could just accept anything, only the GOOD one.

Talking about loyal, i found myself visiting to the same saloon since last year,X2 Hair Studio, in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Just got my hair color change two weeks ago to a lighter color, the hairstylist totally get the exact color i wanted.

Picture time perhaps !!


Get my hair color and perm last year @ X2 Hair Studio

The handsome hair stylist!!
Warm and comfortable enenvironment @ View from the back!

Warm and comfy from the front view!

The handsome and serious hairstylist -- Jet  
New Hair Cut and New color!!

New Hair cut and new color!!

Confusing look?? Loving it!!

 If you are interested, may refer below for details :

X2 Hair Studio

No7(ground floor)Jalan Puteri 2/2,bandar puteri , 47100 Puchong

Tel: +0166702276 (Jet)

New !!

New Layout, new arrangment, and hope to be a new start !!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday, last day of holiday..

Tuesday, Rainny.
Last day of Raya Holiday.
Getting back to work tomorrow,and it definitely going to be a busy day.
Woke up late, around 12 noon, had a good night sleep.
Should credit this to the new application i have download.
"Relax Melody" loads with natural sound.

Have been spending the whole day sitting in front of my lappie watching drama that i have downloaded.
What a boring day!!

If nothing happens, i will still end up my day in the same way!

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